Natural Pools Installed in Connecticut

"I feel it is my responsibility to offer my clients these amazing pools and all the health benefits of swimming in them. Europeans have enjoyed them for over 30 years and people in the U.S. are finally starting to change their mind toward chemically treated pools and are realizing what these chemicals are doing to our friends and loved ones. "Vincenzo"

It has taken nature millions of years to create such an amazing world. A very important part of this is the perfect balance of plants, soils, and bacteria's that have been created and combined to create clean living water. That's right; I said "living water", because that's what we're creating at Natural Aquatics LLC.

Natural Pools Connecticut

Water that is literally "alive" so alive it will support the life of plants and healthy bacteria's to thrive in unlike the "dead" water created by traditional pool chemicals such as chlorine or salt etc. No more red eye, bleached hair, dry itchy skin, chemical tastes and smells and the many effects pool chemicals used in a traditional pools . Clean water has priceless benefits. Just imagine the refreshing coolness of swimming in clean water. Exiting a Biotop pool will make you feel totally refreshed, energetic clean. It will leave your skin and hair soft and silky. Experience the feeling euphoria in your pool while being one with nature.
To avoid any confusion. Biotop Natural Pools are synonymous with other terms you may have heard, such as swimming pond, NSP (natural swimming pond), bathing pond, biological pool etc. Biotop has replicated a very small portion of this beautiful world we live in by creating a Biological pool filter based on the duplication of embracing natures ability to purify water, whether it be a lake, stream or simply through the earth's service. Like in nature absolutely no chemicals such as chlorine, salt, etc. that will sterilize the water are used. Biotop has developed a 100% chemical free swimming pool with no gimmicks consisting of two major parts. A swim zone that is your main body of water used for recreational use and a regeneration zone sometimes called a bog filter or a plant zone, for basic understanding a water garden. It can consist of hydroponically rooted plants with various proven Medias or just media. If plants are desired they will grow in a nutrient-free "substrate", forcing them to take their nutrients from the water as a bi-product. The water is also cleaned biologically by a metabolic process found in the filters media substrate in which micro organisms continuously clean the water. In brief, the bad bacteria is literally being eaten by the predominate good bacteria and removed by the plants which in return creates clean natural water, as in nature.

The swim zone can look like any traditional pool (i.e. natural, classic, modern, etc.) and the regeneration zone has limitless design possibilities. Your Biotop pool can be built with a separate swim zone and plant zone for a more traditional pool experience. However if desired, the plant zone can be within the footprint of pool to offer a true sense of swimming in nature. The plant zone can also be designed without plants and offers if desired the ability to be placed under a wood deck etc.

Natural Pools ConnecticutThe regeneration zone can be raised from the swimming zone to create a waterfall entering the swimming zone and/ or a separate waterfall or water feature can be added if so desired. Biotop Pools are operated by very efficient pumps variable speed magnetic drive motors used for different purposes, such as filtration cycles and water features. Biotop pools operate 24/7 to assure healthy bacteria growth.

Biotop offers the "convertor system" for those clients who simply want a simpler less invasive system. It is a great option for those clients that have an existing pool that want to convert over to natural water. The converter system consists of small module units that can be added to a new or existing swimming pool and will create natural "living" water. It is a great option for areas of limited space.

Biotop natural pools by Natural Aquatics LLC. Are approximately the same cost as a traditional pool per square foot but due to the natural pool two part design (swimming zone and plant zone) basically makes it double the size of a traditional pool. As a basic rule of thumb a Biotop natural pool will cost double the cost of a traditional swimming pool of the same swimming area.
A Biotop Pool is not for everyone as it requires a person who appreciates all that nature has to offer. Unlike traditional pools, where water sparkles with clarity due to the added chemicals, the water of a Biotop Pool, although extremely clean may consist of a natural light green tint like a lake or a river. The fact that we are creating natural water with the Biotop pool it will attract wildlife such as birds, frogs, dragon flies etc. Due to the size of a Biotop pool compared to a lake the balance created by a bio pool is more susceptible to contamination. Regular maintenance and care will be mandatory such as maintaining proper plant care and assuring contamination from animals, fertilizers, and chlorinated waters, etc. will be avoided.

natural3Vacuuming by means of a robotic conventional pool cleaner and or conventional pool vacuuming is mandatory. Water temperature is kept at approximately 85 degrees to maintain healthy bacteria growth.

Upon completion of your Biotop natural pool Natural Aquatics LLC. will supply mandatory bi-weekly service. This one season weekly service comes included as part of your Biotop pool to assure proper operation. During this time the client, caretaker and or future service provider shall be educated on the proper functions and care of their Biotop pool. Our services can be continued or canceled after the first season.

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Some of us may be turned off by the word "bacteria" and the fact that the water of the Biotop natural pool is "alive". The fact of the matter is at this very moment, where ever you may be, there are billions of invisible microorganisms only a few microns in size right next to you, in you, in the ground you're standing on, in the water you drink, in the food you eat and in the air you're inhaling. They inhabit our skin, mouth, intestine – and pretty much the entire body. So small that the naked eye cannot see them. There is good bacteria and the bad. Like the human body, we at Natural Aquatics LLC. are creating an immune system for your swimming pool, a world for good bacteria to thrive in and an environment where the bad bacteria will be removed immediately by the prominent good bacteria for nourishment. Bacteria is an important part of our natural environment. Bacteria decomposes dead matter, which releases nutrients back into the air and soil. Some bacteria's also change atmospheric nitrogen into simple nitrates, which are used by green plants. In the human body, bacteria lives in the intestines and help us digest our food. Bacteria are present in dairy food such as yogurt, and are often used as a food preservative. Manufacturers add bacteria, or live cultures into food to increase its nutritional value.



It all started with an epiphany of Peter Petrich. After his realization of why it is that nature has created some lakes and ponds to be sparkling clean and others to be black in color and covered in algae. What was difference in the two? What is it that one pond or lake has that the other does not to create such a difference. He was intrigued to find out how and why this is possible. After much research, explanations were found; these findings lead him to an amazing understanding of 100% chemical free biological water that was cleaned using plants, bacteria's and soils. It did not stop there Peter used his new found knowledge to alter the traditional chemical treated swimming pool and peoples belief on obtaining a high quality of water without chemicals and all the health benefits of doing such. Peter replicated his findings on a new vision of the traditional swimming pool that had amazing results, a beautiful swimming pool that maintained clear, healthy biological water that is literally full of life unlike the sterile waters of a traditional pool. This lead to Peter Petrich being awarded the Austrian environmental conservation prize. As word got out of his new pool, Peter was overwhelmed by people interested in installing their own natural pool which eventually lead Peter Petrich to become the inventor of the natural pool as noted in Wikipedia and create "Biotop" a company based in Austria that builds biological pools and continued research on such pools.
The year is 2015 Biotop has grown and learned over the past 30 years and has changed their business to solely the research and development of components of natural pools. It employs approximately 40 people in their head quarters in Austria and has certified trained partners threw out the world and in 2014 entered the U.S market due to a ever increasing requests on information of Biotop natural pools. To date Biotop has built over 4000 natural pools. Currently the U.S. market has officially overtaken the European demand for these pools as people in the states are realizing a healthier alternatives to chemically treated pools that have been linked to numerous health affects as well as creating a smaller carbon footprint, not to mention the simple feeling of swimming in living, clean water as nature intended.